This hand came from a BAND club game….What are West’s options?

Here West’s hand:

♠ A 8 4
A J 7 3
A K 3
♣ Q J 6

West North East South
1♣      Pass    Pass  X

When West opened 1♣, the plan was to jump rebid 2NT to show a 18/19-point balanced hand. Once partner passes showing less than 6 points, West can has no reason to jump to show the extra values. The rebid of 1NT shows the 18/19-point balanced hand.

Let’s look at the logic behind the bid of only 1NT (and not jumping to 2NT).
1. If West held the 15-17 point hand, West would have started by opening 1NT.
2. If West held the 20-21 point hand, West would have started by opening 2NT.
3. If West held the minimum 12-14 point hand, West would simply pass the balancing takeout double by South saying “I have nothing more to say, partner.”
4. Therefore, by bidding 1NT, West is saying to partner…”I have more to my story partner, I have 18-19 points.”

It turns out East (Partner) had a true Yarborough (no card higher than a 9), and any contract West is left to play is doomed. 1NT, however, takes at least four tricks with a good possibility of a fifth and maybe sixth trick depending on the defense.

BTW: Redouble would show long clubs and an interest in playing 1♣xx!

Let me hear your questions!

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