Play 5-8
Neither Vulnerable

West   North  East   South
Pass     Pass     Pass   1           
1♠         2♠        Pass   4 

West leads the DA. East encourages with the ♦ 9.
West continues with the ♦K and over to East’s  ♦Q. 
East exits with the ♠10.
What is South’s plan?

               North (Dummy)
              ♠ K 7 2
              ♥ Q 9 8 5
              ♦ J 3 2
              ♣ A J 5

South (Declarer)
♠ A 6 4
 A K 10 3 2
 7 6 4
♣ K 10

This is a “clue in the bidding” hand.

Declarer lost the first three tricks and is faced with a spade loser. If declarer can work out who has the ♣Q, then a spade can be discarded on the extra club winner. Now for the clues…West, a passed hand, has show up with the AK and the ♠QJ (based on the bidding and East’s ♠10 return). If West held the ♣Q, he would have opened the bidding! Play East for the ♣Q and lead a low club to the 10, cash the ♣K travel to the ♠K and discard the losing spade on the ♣A.

Take a look at the entire hand:

                   North (Dummy)
                   ♠ K 7 2
                   ♥ Q 9 8 5
                    J 3 2
                    ♣ A J 5

West                                         East
♠  Q J 8 5 3                                ♠ 10 9 
  7 6                                         ♥ J 4
  A K 10                                    Q 9 8 5
♣  9 4 3                                      ♣ Q 8 7 6 2

                   South (Declarer)
                   ♠ A 6 4
                   A K 10 3 2
                   ♦ 7 6 4
                   ♣ K 10

Let me hear your comments!

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