#4 Both Vulnerable
North   East   South   West
1NT       Pass    2♠          DBL
2          Pass    4          AP

North (Dummy)
♠ K Q J 8
Q J 10 6
♣ 10 8 5

West                                        East
♠                                                ♠ 7 5
                                                K 9 8
                                                 9 2
K                                            ♣ A Q J 7 4 2

South (Declarer)


This is an “trump promotion” hand.
West leads the ♣K and East overtakes – never leave partner on lead if you have enough spot cards to overtake safely.  Once three rounds of clubs are cashed, East stops to think.  East counts 12 HCP in dummy and gives declarer 15 for a total of 27.  East is holding 10 HCP and partner led the ♣K.  Based on the a HCP analysis, there are no more tricks in the side suits…therefore think trump promotion (sluff and ruff). 
West trumps with the 7 which forces North to win with the 10.  This uppercut play creates a trump trick for East by promoting the 8!

Take a look at the entire hand:
                        North (Dummy)
                        ♠ K Q J 8
                          Q J 10 6
                          Q J
                         ♣ 10 8 5
West                                       East
♠ 6 4 3 2                                  ♠ 7 5
 7 2                                         K 9 8
10 7 6 5 4 3                           9 2
♣ K                                          ♣ A Q J 7 4 2
                       South (Declarer)
                       ♠ A 10 9
                         A 5 4 3
                        A K 8
                       ♣ 9 6 3

Let me hear your comments!

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