#5 North South Vulnerable
North   East   South   West
1♠          DBL    ???
♠ K Q J 5
J 7 6 5 4
♣ 7 6 5 4

South should bid 3♠.  Raises after a takeout double are preemptive showing number of trumps.

2♠ = three-card weak raise
3♠ = four-card weak raise
4♠ = five-card weak raise.

Once a player preempts, he rarely bids again in a competitive auction. The weak hand should never take charge!  The stronger hand always has a better chance at getting it right at higher levels.

With a strong responding hand (10+ HCP) responder first redoubles.  A jump to 2NT over a double shows a limit raise in partner’s suit.  It is not natural!  With a normal 2NT response, responder redoubles first.

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2 thoughts

  1. Did you mean to bid spades or bid diamonds as responder? Also the void should make your hand worth more. I am confused! Doubler might have only 3 spades with our system. Thanks! Jane Boozalis

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    1. Hi Jane, I agree the void makes your hand worth more in playing tricks, but the redouble is reserved for high card points only. The idea is that once responder starts with a redouble, the partnership shifts to thoughts of doubling and defending when no fit is found. If South redoubles with this hand, then North doubles for penalties, a bad feeling will arise in the pit of South’s stomach. Now on this hand, South is never going to defend holding four of partner’s spades. However, if South starts with a redouble, North is never going to work out that South holds four spades.

      South’s hand is not quite strong enough for a Jordon 2NT (limit raise or better with four trump)…but close.


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