#3 East West Vulnerable
North   East   South   West
♠ A J 4 3 2
K 7 6
♣ A Q 9
I get this question a lot!  North holds a balanced 20-21 point hand.  These hands should be opened 2NT even with the 5-card major.  The idea behind this bid is that the opening lead should come up to, rather than through, a hand this strong. 

If North opens 1 and South bids 1NT the correct rebid is 3NT – Well now look who is the dummy!

BTW: This same idea applies to hands with 15-17 points and a five-card major.  Start with 1NT.  Eventually, your partner will learn Puppet Stayman and your partnership will be able to uncover the 5-3 major fit.  Until then, you will end up playing 3NT with a 5-3 major fit.  

Let me hear your comments!

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